Happy Leap Day Everyone!

Ah yes.  Today is Leap Day.  We get an entire extra day to do whatever our hearts desire.  Are you wearing blue and yellow?

What are your plans for today?  Remember it’s no holds barred.  Are you going to finally reveal to your mail man that you don’t really have a dog, that it’s been you barking every time he comes to the door? Are you going to go to the grocery store and knock over displays just like you’ve always wanted to?  Are you finally going to wear ruffle socks with high heels, regardless of your sex?  The possibilities are endless.

Me, I just want to take a nap. Happy Sleep Day Everyone!  Napping is my number one favorite activity.  I could take a nap right now, and I’ve only been awake for two hours.  Naps are even better when you have a little nap buddy to cuddle up with.  Before the boy, my nap buddy was my cat Jimmy.  Now I have TWO nap buddies.  I feel so spoiled.  Today is a perfect nap day.  It is rainy and grey, and I just want to be cradled in nap’s sweet sweet embrace. Here is a nap haiku:

warm cozy blanket

naps take top priority

the house is a mess


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4 thoughts on “Happy Leap Day Everyone!

  1. Whitney says:

    It is the perfect sleepy day! I had a super productive day yesterday so I slowed the roll a little myself today (which is still a busy, cram packed day!) Enjoy snuggling with that new baby…look forward to meeting you soon at a local blogging event.

  2. Hi Letty, I found your blog through Austin’s bloggers. I’m glad you’re able to relax. I have a mountain of challenge on my to-do list today so I won’t able to go knock down displays or hunt down zombies (which is what I really wanted to do), but the great thing is you don’t have to do it on leap day to get it done. I got the rest of the year!

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