A Boy and His Cat

 Truman and Jim cat have mixed feelings about each other.  Truman looooooves him, and Jimmy barely tolerates him.

Ugh, this baby.

But they are always together.  Before the boy came along, Jimmy was my number one.  He was always sitting next to me and got dibs on prime bed real estate.  Now he still wants my constant companionship, and has to contend with this grabby, pudgy, squealy thing that is permanently attached to my side. Despite the fact that every single day they battle for changing table supremacy, I’d like to think of them as friends.

This happens at least five times a day.

That is until one fateful day last week.  I was putting T in his car seat and noticed it was damp.  After further investigation I was appalled to discover that is was CAT PEE.   JIMMY PEED IN THE BABY’S CAR SEAT.  WHAT A DICK!  This was no mistake.  He had to climb into the car seat, wiggle his little cat butt into the right spot, then piss. This was a malicious act of cat spite.  Why Jimmy, why?!?

Jimmy is known for his acts of revenge.  One time long ago, after a particularly grueling bout of Cat Olympics (don’t ask) he climbed onto the top shelf  of my husband’s old roommate’s closet and peed, ensuring that his odorous urine dripped down onto all of the roommate’s clothing.   I can just envision him cackling and rubbing his little paws together in satisfaction after that coup.  What did Truman do to anger Jimmy?  After six months was Jimmy just so overwhelmed by jealousy he couldn’t contain his urine?  How many tail pulls can one cat take before they crack?

I probably shouldn't allow this.

Meh.  In any case, the piss is in the past.  Jimmy and Truman are best friends again!  Last night I caught Jim Cat snuggled up by Truman’s feet in his bassinet.  Ignoring how adorable it was and Jim’s mews of protest, I removed the him, but not before I grinned and admired the love between a boy and his cat.

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3 thoughts on “A Boy and His Cat

  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I’d go mad if the cat peed in the carseat!! AUGH!!

  2. Meghan says:

    Hahaha love these pictures! What background are you and your hubby? I ask because your little man resembles our little guy.

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