Spring Break?


Yup, this pretty much sums it up.  I am a mature adult. I have owned my own home for a year now, and the strongest thing I’ve had to drink today was a Mexican Coke.  Instead of venturing out of my house and looking for adventure, I am still wearing my pajama pants and just finished watching three episodes of Boy Meet World in a row.

All in all, I’d say it’s been a pretty good day.  It’s been too lovely outside to stay inside alllll day, so Truman and I made a backyard excursion get some sun and examine the grass.

It's green!

 .I do not know what the rest of my Spring Break holds. More episodes of Boy Meets World? Oh, definitely yes.  A gajillion naps?  YES.  A margarita?  GOD, I HOPE SO.

We are trying to penetrate your soul with our EYES.

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One thought on “Spring Break?

  1. startraci says:

    Sounds like a winning Spring Break to me! What a cutie you have there. Enjoy that sun.


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