Guys, this weekend proved to be most triumphant! ::Bill & Ted voice::  It was a weekend filled with knickknacks and antiques.  I brought home a veritable  MOUNTAIN OF TREASURES. On a vaguely related note, I think I am going to start using the word abundant/abundance more.  I think it is an underused word.   For example: “I have an abundance of fudgesicles in my freezer right now, come over!” or  “She is wearing an abundance of plaid, don’t you agree?”.  It has an abundance of uses.  SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!

Good, now back to the curios. We spent the weekend flea market hopping.   On Saturday, Chad and I went the the Fredericksburg Trade Days.  It was a lovely drive.  There were bluebonnets to admire (which led to reenacts of Ladybird Johnson pitching the idea of planting wildflowers along the side of the highways in really thick Texan accents), and we got to see some BUFFALO.   My sister drove in from San Antonio and helped me root around for goodies and charmed people down on their prices.  I was hunting for shit to hang on the walls and some cute salt and pepper shakers.  Chad wanted to look for antique wood working tools because he is Austin’s version of Ron Swanson. There were plenty of antique booths to peruse , lots of tasty things to eat, and a live band was playing 80’s country songs (love me some George Strait.) We found some good things!

My sister surprised me with this elephant salt and pepper shaker and owl needlepoint.

The elephant is the salt, the base is the pepper.

Well, owl be damned!

She also bought me this majestic unicorn plate.  Can you believe it only cost a dollar?

This is "Return to Innocence" in plate form.

But the real score was a pair of tiny cowboy boots for Truman.  Man, those boots paid for themselves in compliments.  He was more popular than a pygmy goat wearing a St. Patrick’s Day hat and a dress.  I am not exaggerating. By the time we left the Trade Days, everybody knew his name.  It was weird.  In one barn filled with booths, I was walking by looking for Chad and Truman, and this mustachioed man goes, “Truman went that way!”  He is already the King of Fredericksburg y’all.  Next time I am going to set up a photo booth–“Have your picture taken with a super alert baby wearing overalls and tiny cowboy boots!”, I’ll make a bundle. I bought this needlepoint for five bucks.


Good times had by all.

The next day Chad and I went to the Kyle Flea Market.  This was a creepier affair.  Well, maybe creepy is too strong a word, but it was definitely dustier.  There were still things to be had there.  I found this gem for only $2!

Isn't she beautiful?

Between the Trade Days, random flea markets, and The Austin Antique Mall, I have so much crap to buy!  EEEEEEEE! An abundance of bric-a-brac! Stay tuned for pictures of Truman in his cowboy boots.  Y’all are going to lose your minds.

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One thought on “SO MANY TREASURES!

  1. Kelly says:

    I love a good flea market or g-sale find! Thanks fro stopping by from the hop, following back 🙂

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