Spam Comments are Hilarious.

I have gotten a spate of spam comments recently and they are cracking my shit UP.  I probably shouldn’t be that amused by them, but I take pleasure in the simple things.  Here are a few that I particularly enjoyed.

They want permission to “let me to seize your RSS feed”. That is so dramatic.  The spambots are trying to conquer my blog.

 FINALLY, I get the recognition I deserve.  I also don’t realize how I am now not really a lot more well-appreciated than I may be now.  But, what in regards to the bottom line?  Isn’t that the eternal question? 

I am so glad I could do my part to probably make the internet a lot more helpful than ever before.  I try guys.

 This is actually fairly accurate.  I truly am an overly skilled blogger.  Thank you spambots for your jumbled nonsensical compliments.  Feel free to share your stupid spam comments with me!  I love them.

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6 thoughts on “Spam Comments are Hilarious.

  1. Kai says:

    Lol! You might also like my take on wordpress spam –

  2. You can tell that English is not the first language of the people writing those SPAM posts. LOL

  3. Johnathan says:

    I totally seized your RSS feed.

  4. ReviewMama says:

    You are so right, blog spam is hillarious… Now I wish I’d saved the spam and written my own spammy post. 😉 Just stopping by and now following from Finally Friday..


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