My Adventure in Top 40 Radio

For unknown reasons, last month or so I decided that I would take a spin through the terrible terrible world of Top 40 Radio.  I am notoriously grumpy and judgmental when it comes to music, so I thought perhaps this would broaden my musical horizons and make me less curmudgeonly.  It did not, but  I learned a few things. For instance, I learned that most of the songs that are played on Top 40 radio are incredibly similar.  Whoever is producing these songs must have a Lay-Z Boy recliner made out of solid gold and ladies out the wazoo, because they are raking in the ~*krunk financialz*~.  I also learned that they play the same 10 songs OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER.  If I hear “We Are Young” by Fun. one more time (screw you guys for having a period at the end of your band name) I will punch a hole in the wall. Some of my opinions were reinforced. Say, I’d rather shove bits of broken glass in my ear canal than hear a Katy Perry or Rihanna song.

As I trudged through this mire of mediocre music, there were a few gems that I not only enjoyed, but looked forward to hearing again. Luckily as I stated before, they play the same songs repeatedly, so I have ample opportunities to hear them.  I have listed the few songs I can tolerate below for your listening pleasure.  Some of these songs may be NSFW or NSFL. Judge me as you see fit.

YES this is a Justin Beiber song, I can hardly believe (belieb?) that I like it myself.  But it is Justin doing his best Justin! I can’t help but like this JT lite.   Mostly this song makes me wistful for what I call the Timberlake Heydays, but you take what you can get, right?

This song must be special, because I hear it about 78 times a day, and have still not gotten sick of it.  Good work Flo Rida and other guy.  Also, I just now realized that Flo Rida spells Florida because I am incredibly slow.  Way to represent your state, bro.

I appreciate a good sample.  That’s all.

Straight up confession time, I did not like this song until I found out it was by a boy band.  Somehow the fact that  this song is sung by a group of perfectly coiffed young men, makes it a gajillion times better for me.  REAL TALK.

I have woken up with this song in my head three days in a row.  Usually that would make me incredibly angry, but somehow this song avoids my derision.  I can’t tell you why.

WE DID IT!  I won’t leave you with the taste of Top 40 in your mouth.  Here is a palate cleanser.

and just for good measure, the most whip ass song ever recorded.

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4 thoughts on “My Adventure in Top 40 Radio

  1. kolleenbee says:

    Easy Lover is one of my favorite songs of all time!!!

    I hate to say it but there is this song on the radio by a band called AWOLNation and I really like it even though it sucks. I hate being old. Actually I just looked up the song and realized I liked their previous radio song too. OH GOD. *puts Phil Collins back on*

  2. It just shows he think you can handle the Collins.

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