The sky was dark yesterday my friends.  My blog was accidentally flagged by WordPress’s automatic spam controls when I tried to import my Tumblr and it was DEACTIVATED.  799 posts imported all at once, and really screwed shit up. Their support team was super responsive and fixed the problem post haste.  TCB in a flash y’all. I don’t know why I wanted to import my Tumblr.  I guess I figured that everyone would like to see all the pictures of cats, tits, skulls, and Jean Seberg I posted well over a year ago.

I am in a better mood today.  I bought a bean taco with some change I found in my car, so that really set the tone for the rest of the day.  Also, TODAY IS PAY DAY!  For a brief moment in time I will have money in my bank account until I spend it all on yogurt, frozen yogurt, and corn dogs. Once my money is depleted I will be depressed again.  Will I ever get control over this emotional roller coaster?  ::looks off into the distance dramatically:: I need to start self-medicating with Arbor Mist.

I feel like I should wrap up this post with a picture of some sort, so I leave you with a salute.






Carry on everyone.

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