Parents are the best.

Really though, parents are the best. My parents came to visit over the weekend, and within a matter of minutes solved all of my life problems.  They bought me this handy dandy Hoover Steam Cleaner, so that means NO MORE PISSED SOAKED CARPETS!  I can finally invite people over! We shall celebrate by drinking copious amounts of champagne and making new stains.  I was so pumped up about the carpet cleaner I used it RIGHTAWAY.  I went into a zen-like trance and when I snapped out of it, I had clean carpets.  ~~clean carpets~~    I am truly blessed.

God, could they be any cuter?

Then my dad went to Home Depot and bought us some pesticide, which apparently was an idea we couldn’t think of ourselves, and took care of our roach situation.  Last night I saw a few crawling around in their final death throes and I gave a little squeal of joy and disgust.  Huzzah! My mother and father are the best!  One day I, being almost thirty, will be able to take care of  my own headaches. But for now, I will gladly accept their help.  I will totally be the first to admit that I am spoiled.  There is an 11 year difference between me and my middle sister, so I had the benefit of growing up as the baby of the family, and also kinda like an only child.  I am extremely grateful for everything they do for me and my little family and only get slightly annoyed when my mom announces what is happening on the screen during a movie or my dad pokes fun at my weight.  Overall, I know I am extremely lucky, especially since Chad’s parents are pretty rad too.  Now, who wants to come over for frito pie and champagne?

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7 thoughts on “Parents are the best.

  1. kolleenbee says:

    My parents are constantly saving my ass. If Jeff weren’t an orphan we could have double parent excellence. Parents are the best. Ever.

  2. Jason Dubinsky says:

    You can count on me to pee on your carpet anytime, friend.

  3. Candice says:

    Where did they buy this magical carpet cleaner and how much was it???

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