Rufus, Rufus, Rufus

Oh, I love Rufus Wainwright so much. His new album Out of the Game is phenomenal, it is my favorite album of his since Poses. I liked Want One & Want Two, but they were a little too theatrical for my tastes.  Out of the Game sounds like it was created~just for me~.  It is full of carefully produced homages to the 70’s.  Kudos to Mark Ronson, who I may or may not have a huge crush on, for doing an excellent job as producer. My favorite track, Bitter Tears, is downright ABBAesque.  Another one of my favorites,  Montauk, is a sweet song for Wainwright’s daughter Viva, who’s birth mother is Lorca Cohen, Leonard Cohen’s daughter.  That child was probably blessed by Apollo himself to be born into such a talented family.

I have liked Rufus Wainwright for a long time now. Poses was the soundtrack to the early days of mine and Chad’s relationship.  Chad and I were in a long distance relationship when the album was released (over ten years ago, EEP!).  He was living in Los Angeles and I was still living with parents.  You can probably imagine how difficult that was for me.  He was out there living it up, going to parties, doing the whole Hollywood thing, while I had to sit forlornly by the phone waiting for his call.  Then, miracle upon miracles, my parents allowed me to go visit Chad in LA.  I got to spend a whole week with my love, hung out with C-list celebrities in the Hollywood Hills, and had the added bonus of getting to see Rufus at an  in-store at Virgin Megastore (RIP).  I had no idea at the time that I would go on to work at Virgin a few years later, but that is a different story.  After a wonderful and hazy trip I had to return back to Corpus with a heavy heart and Poses in tow. I would listen to it constantly and day dream of a time when I would get to be with Chad permanently.  I can just hear the opening strains of Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk and am reminded of the halcyon days of our budding romance.  ::SIGH::

Here is a picture from that in-store that is awesome for several reasons.  First of all, look at how young and skinny we are!  Chad looks like a different man, still handsome, but different.  NO BEARD!  Secondly, Rufus could not look any more displeased in this photo.  If I recall correctly my camera was acting up so this was the second attempt to capture this magical moment.  The third thing I love about this picture is the loss prevention guy trying to sneak out of the frame.  Unintentional Photo bomb! Good times had by all. Now, I am going to go listen to Greek Song and reminisce.  You go buy Wainwright’s new album.

Rufus is having the best time of his life, obviously.

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10 thoughts on “Rufus, Rufus, Rufus

  1. Whoa! Never would have guessed that was Chad. I think this is really the only time I’ve seen him sans beard. Crazy.

  2. kolleenbee says:

    Letty I am concerned about your body weight here. Do I need to send past-you some literature on the dangers of disordered eating? Also, Rufus looks like he’s been hitting the Arbor Mist here. Also, I have no idea what Chad really looks like.

  3. kolleenbee says:

    I’ll back past- you some brochures just in case

  4. Kolleen, Chad looks like the guy in this photo if the guy in this photo was cast in a film about the Civil War. So he looks awesome. Also, I said it elsewhere but past Letty/Chad was hella fine.

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