I Finally Feel Caught Up.

Yesterday and the day before I was really dragging ass and had a severe case of the ~blechs~.  I think after having an exceptionally full weekend I was less than prepared to tackle the work week.  Today is a better day, I had a ten minute long phone conversation with a clown about juggling pizzas, drank a smoothie, and now I am ready to recap my busy weekend!  BLADOW!

I started my weekend fun early by having dinner at my friends Janice and Noah’s house Thursday night.  They are geniuses and had the fantastic idea of making mini pizzas on naan.  Naan is so versatile y’all.  Alas, Janice and Noah are moving to the temperate city of Los Angeles, and to help clean out her closet Janice gifted me with several pairs of sparkly shoes.  I now have fancy ass feet.

Friday, we did nothing because I like to use that evening to DECOMPRESS.

Saturday night I went to Geeks who Drink trivia as per usual at Opal Divine’s.  Our team, ACK: The Story of Cathy, starring Ricki Lake took first place.  I drank many beers, and this happened.

Sparkly shoes!

Sunday I had the pleasure of participating in The Picnic Plays: Readings on Sundays put on by the wonderful theatre company, Paper Chairs.  We read the play, Boom for Real by local playwright Jason Tremblay.  It was a super fun play, creative, original, and extremely funny.  I had a great time flexing the ‘ole acting muscle (pretend I never said that) and can’t wait to see to see Tremblay’s full production on stage.  After the play reading I went to kickball and of course kicked a million home runs, because that’s how I do.

Monday was perhaps the most pleasant day of all.  It was surely Truman’s most Austiny day.  We started off the day walking around Town Lake with my friends Keri and Sara.  We saw a lizard and some ducks and sweat a whole bunch.  Neither Keri or I dressed appropriately for our leisurely jaunt around the lake.  I was wearing skinny jeans, and she was wearing corduroys.  I KNOW RIGHT?!

Said lizard.

Tru & Aunt Keri.

Town Lake y’all!

Then after our walk, instead of calling it a day, I picked up my faux brother Matthew and we went to Secret Beach with my friend Lauren, and some other lovely people.  We didn’t stay very long, because Truman was starting to get grumpy from lack of sleep and too too many activities, but he got to experience sand for the first time!

It’s sand!

After beaching it up, Matthew came over and cooked a delicious chimichurri filled dinner for Chad and I completely unsolicited, because he is a swell guy.  While enjoying Matthew’s culinary creations we watched old SNL episodes from the 90’s (Michael Jordan and Macauley Culkin).  It was a good way to wrap up the weekend.

So, that’s what I did last weekend.  Just recapping it made me feel tired all over again.  Does that mean I am getting old?

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2 thoughts on “I Finally Feel Caught Up.

  1. Steve says:

    Your full team name is “ACK: The Story of Cathy, starring Ricki Lake”? That is the best name for anything, ever.

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