New Summer Hair! or How to Terrify Your Baby

Oh hey guys, did I mention it’s summer?  If you couldn’t tell by the stifling heat outside,  the distinct aroma of  intermingling body odors, or if you don’t have a calendar, I am a valuable resource for you.  Anyway blahdeblee, it’s summer.  To celebrate my second to last favorite season, I decided I needed new summery hair.  My awesome friend Brian, a talented stylist, decided to HOOK ME UP.  The first iteration of my summer hair  left me with a few blondish streaks in my bang swoop.  It was what neither of us wanted.  Chad said that I either looked like an Asian college student from the early 2000’s or a gay Puerto Rican boy, both accurate assessments. Unfortunately I do not have any photographic proof of this chic look.

We decided to go for round two Monday night.  The first step involved applying bleach to my hair to get rid of the black.  Brian said a lot of sciency things about hydrogen bonds so I knew I was in good hands.  Do you remember the 90’s?  My bleached locks sure did.  I simultaneously looked the most Mexican I have ever looked and like an extra from Hackers.  Truman was TERRIFIED.  He took one look at me with yellow hair and his eyes grew wide(r),  his little bottom lip started quivering, and he burst out in tears.  He wouldn’t even let me hold him.  I had to put on a hat, it did not fool him. I then tried nursing him to calm him down. At first he started suckling voraciously, but then he stopped. He glanced up at me cautiously, then tentatively started to nurse again unsure if I was actually his mother or a blond she-demon.  He eventually decided on the latter, used all of his baby might to squirm away from me as if my skin was on fire, and howled at the top of his lungs.  Who could blame him really?

I am applying purple lipstick in this photo. ~~MI VIDA LOCA~~

Luckily, this was only temporary.  Brian applied a café au lait color to my hair with rich honey tones and in the end everyone, including Truman, was happy.  It is bit lighter than it looks in the picture and  I am still getting adjusted to it, but I like it! I’ve never lightened my hair before but I figured, what the hell.  Come fall I will return to a darker, more subdued color, but for now it’s all about being light and summery.

For the record, I still look like a gay Puerto Rican boy.

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4 thoughts on “New Summer Hair! or How to Terrify Your Baby

  1. Lauren says:

    Love it, looks great!!!!

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