A Quick One

Even when I’m not on mushrooms, I like to imagine that my life is a movie.  We all do, right?  That isn’t out of the ordinary.  The most important part of my life movie, which I hope is entitled, “Yeah, Well.  The Life and Times of Letty’s Buttcrack”, is the soundtrack.  I’ve always wanted to enter a room and have the perfect song play.  It varies for different situations, of course.

This is the song that would play when I walked into a room and everyone would stare at me and cream their jeans:

I would want “Rebel, Rebel” to play in most situations:

and I would want this song to play when I walked into a super cool party:

All done!  I will think of more songs from my life soundtrack to share later. What are you choices?

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2 thoughts on “A Quick One

  1. vette says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRYFKcMa_Ek I thought I was a maneater when I was 10.

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