It’s the Last Week of my 20’s blah blah blah pttth

So, next Tuesday I will be 30.  Of course my 30th birthday has fall on a Tuesday, my most hated day of the week.  I suppose I should use this time to look back on my 20’s and reflect on all the amazing times I had and how much I have grown as person.  PTTTTTTTTTTTTTH.  I honestly couldn’t care less. Oh, I’ve grown as a person all right, I am 2 cups sizes bigger than I was ten years ago.  HEYO!

All terrible jokes aside, it was a good ten years.  I got married, sold Morrissey a copy of Starsky & Hutch: Season 1, bought a house, and had a baby!  I also made a lot of good friends, and have had the privilege of seeing a lot of those friends’ bare asses during late night swims.  Over the next few days I shall present a photo retrospective of the previous decade of my life.  Let’s start with ages 20 & 21, some of the photos may not be the best quality because I had to scan them:

Here I am young, chipper, and hanging out with a sailor on a bus bench. I am pretty sure those jeans are size 14 in girls, and I thought that hat was the cutest thing ever.

~an angel wearing Spiderman underoos~~

Here I am making homemade tortillas for to mail to Chad in LA. He said he wouldn’t marry me unless I made him tortillas. I did it once.


Much to my mother’s chagrin, I wore red shoes with my wedding dress.

That’s all for today.  I will post more tomorrow!  ~~ARBOR MISTY WATER COLORED MEMORIES~~

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3 thoughts on “It’s the Last Week of my 20’s blah blah blah pttth

  1. kolleenbee says:

    YES! The red shoe pic. My life can end happy now.

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