Ah yes, I made it. I am 30.

So this half assed retrospective was a success!  I looked back fondly on my twenties.  They were pretty chill!  Of course there were low points, but no one has a perfect ten years. This brings me to my late twenties. I feel like I really came into my own in this time. I blossomed into the ~beautiful flower~ that I am now.  I certainly stopped giving a shit about what people thought about me and basically said/did whatever I wanted.  I am truly a NO LIMIT SOLDIER. ::rolls eyes::

I had the opportunity to travel.  I went to Spain with my family which apparently there is no photographic proof of,  and also went  on a ladies’ road trip to Taos with my befri Keri, and my good friend Erin.  We dubbed ourselves the Ladies of the White Sands and almost got our car stuck in a mud puddle in the middle of nowhere.  We also went hiking up a mountain and I complained the entire time because, “I didn’t know it was going to be uphill.” I am a sharp one.

Around this time I also started playing with Music Learning Club.  I love singing, and I love these fools.  I consider them to be my second family.

Lavender finery

Here we are playing “You Can’t Hurry Love”.  My parents watched this video and made fun of how dramatic I was.  Little did they know that this was only our first song and I got a whole lot more unhinged.  I am the David Lee Roth of MLC, y’all.

Now in my late twenties not only was I overflowing with obvious musical talent, but I possessed extraordinary athletic ability as well.  Every Sunday I started playing kickball.  I met a lot of wonderful people and drank a lot of beer.  The following photo exemplifies my kickball talents:

There are things happening, and I am just standing there.

Kickball Fambly

Of course, of course we cannot discuss my late twenties without talking about the most important thing that happened–I started coloring my hair red. SIKE! Chad put a beautiful baby in my belly!  I had a really smooth pregnancy and was, by my own admission, THE MOST ADORABLE PREGNANT WOMAN IN THE WORLD. I love my little family so much and at the risk of sounding mega cheesy, I feel incredibly lucky and count my blessings every single day.


Awwww.  Anyway, today I am thirty.  My ass instantly feels bigger and my boobs saggier.  I jest, I jest.  I feel fine. Due to melanin and great genes, I AM NEVER GOING TO AGE.  The women in my family are blessed.   The only thing I am concerned about  is  I have a deep wrinkle between my eyebrows because I am constantly cringing in disgust at everything.  Maybe one of my goals for my third decade of life to become less JJJJ-ADED.  Nah.  I’ll just continue to judge the world as I see fit and get botox. It is also my dad’s birthday today.  It has always made me feel special to share a birthday with my father.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Buh, since this post is long enough, I will post jokes and pictures from my roast tomorrow. Hooray me! Hooray 30!  Oh, also I am starting a new blog with my friend Kolleen, called Thirtysometeen, in which we watch teen melodramas and discuss them at length.  It will be chock  full of pithy commentary!  I can’t wait.

Here are some bonus pictures!

Disney Princesses

I always have the best Halloween costumes, a tradition I am going to force upon Truman.


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