Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

It is Friday, and I am feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good.  After weeks of looking like a Mexican Andy Rooney, I am getting my eyebrows waxed by a ~~eyebrow specialist~~, so I am feeling sassy AND saucy ::shoulder shimmy::.  I will expound on that in another post with BEFORE AND AFTER pictures, HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS.  After my fancy face waxing, I will so unbearably beautiful that you won’t be able to resist me.  I will be batting away suitors like horny flies.  As I am attached, you will have to work extra hard to make me succumb to your charms.  Here are a few songs that are guaranteed Letty pantymelters.

Teenage Lust- The Jesus and Mary Chain

Beetlebum- Blur

You Showed Me- The Turtles

BTW, this video is amazing.  Kudos to Mark Volman for being awesome.

Time of the Season- The Zombies

Little Dreamer- Van Halen

This is the song I would strip to if I were a stripper.  My stripper name is Tawny Backside.

BONUS SONG:  I used to have a massive crush on this DJ (what a terribly hipster thing to admit) and I would ask him to play me special songs.  One night he played me You Make Loving Fun and I thought I was going to die of happiness.

So, if you want to woo me, just play any of the above songs.  I am easily swayed by song.


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