Y’all, I Did Not Make Money Finally.

Does this look like a face of someone who just made a lot of money?

::le sigh::

Last night my shitty little blog was hacked.  My air tight security was breached by a corporation of nogoodniks!  CHICANERY, it’s downright CHICANERY!  I feel used and abused, like someone just fondled my sweaters.  I recently had my twitter hacked too. If I’ve learned anything from watching countless hours of Pretty Little Liars, it’s the importance of having beautiful hair, and a complicated password (thanks Caleb!) I suppose my ‘ole standby, password1234, just isn’t cutting it anymore.

I apologize for not really having a get rich quick scheme.  I mean uh, buy my 10 page booklet entitled, “Making Money the Letty Way-How to Make Judging your Peers A Fun and Profitable Business”- only $39.99- SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED.

In other news, yesterday was the 35 anniversary of David Bowie’s Heroes. It is the second album he did with Brian Eno, and it rules my world.  Here is the title track for your enjoyment.

I hope my privacy isn’t further compromised this week.  A girl can only handle so much before she downs an entire bottle of coconut rum.

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4 thoughts on “Y’all, I Did Not Make Money Finally.

  1. Uggghhh… I would be so upset too. I hope that it doesn’t happen again.

  2. Evin Cooper says:

    Well that sucks. Probably oughta change that password. I love David Bowie. That is all.

  3. Oh no! I’m scared to death of that happening

  4. mommasbacon says:

    I felt weird liking this…but it was for the writing, not for the hacking. That just SUCKS.

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