One Whole Year of Accomplishing NOTHING

Whoo hey y’all!  It’s my blogiversary!  This time last year I finally let my conceit take over and deluded myself into thinking that people actually wanted to read my crappy attempts at writing, and I was RIGHT.  You like me, you really like me. ::Sally Field voice::.  I am celebrating by having a huge giveaway.  SIKE.  I will never give away anything, unless you want an autographed photo of me wearing a neon jacket.

neon jacket

This could all be yours

This was the first post that I did a year ago.  Surprise, surprise, it’s about me being vain.  Nothing has changed in the past year really, though I have evolved from having Vanity Smurf be my role model. That is SOOOO 2012.  My new role model is Templeton from Charlotte’s Web.   Life is a smorgasbord, bitches.

Also, this guy.

Yes, an entire year has come and gone and I have accomplished very, very little.  Oddly, I am completely okay with this, because I am happy.  Fappy, even. I like my life, and I love my little family and friends.  I can’t really ask for much more.  Well, except for the unabashed admiration of my peers, an overwhelming and powerful beauty, and of course, all the riches of the world.

So, happy blogiversary to me!  Hopefully I’ll write this SAME exact post next year, but this time, FROM SPACE.  Here is some French pop music to listen to while you revel in my success.

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