Moment of Success/I’m Tired

Today was an exceptionally tiring day.  I worked, I went to my internship, then I took Truman to get his hair cut and to get his picture taken for his passport. My BFF was in town and I didn’t even have time to hang out with him!

I took Truman to get his haircut at Birds, because if I went anywhere else, they would take my Hipster Mom membership card away.  I was really worried that he would cry the entire time, but he was really good!  He just stared out the window and watched cars go by, and maybe, perchance, yes perhaps, the lollipop I gave him helped.

So here is a moment from my day.  Haircut success! Before and after.  He looks so dapper, just call him Mr. Darcy.


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8 thoughts on “Moment of Success/I’m Tired

  1. kolleenbee says:

    Why does Truman need a passport? Is he going jet- setting?

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