Fappiness is a Warm Glove

10 things, teeeen things, 10 things that make me happpppy!

  • The mother/son dance Truman and I shared last night in the kitchen to Stacey Q’s “Two of Hearts”
  • Playing music with my friends


  • The movie, Just One of the Guys. Specifically because of William Zabka and some of the best breasts in 80’s movie history. TOP CANZ!

censored for our sensitive readers

  • The fact that Doug Flutie did a drop kick in his last NFL game. That shit is historic.
  • Pizza, pizza always makes me happy.
  • These guys:

  • The song “Hey Sandy” by Polaris.  If you can listen to this song, and not smile once, you are a heartless bastard.
  • Jarvis Cocker

  • Naps.  Naps are just the most wonderful thing in the world. They are even better when you are joined by a cat or two.

Now you know 10 things that make me happy.  There are lots more, including eBay, and records, and DAVID BOWIE, and squirrels.  I mean, didn’t even go into the schadenfreude shit.  That would take all day, and I do not have all day.  I have naps to take.

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One thought on “Fappiness is a Warm Glove

  1. Shelley Oz says:

    ❤ – and I'd like naps for 1000 Alex.

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