Just a Perfect Day.

It’s day 15 of Blog Every Day in May.  We’re half way done!  I honestly can’t believe I’ve stuck it out this long, because I LOOOVE quitting.  Today’s prompt is “A Day in the Life”.  I read the news today oh, boy.  I think I lead a pretty normal life.  Let me give you a rundown of how my days go.

I usually wake up around 8:30, looking lovely and ready to start the day.

I make sure to brush my teeth very thoroughly, nobody likes a dirty mouth!

Then I carefully apply an appropriate amount of makeup and admire my handwork in the mirror.


After that, it’s time for a healthy breakfast!

Then it’s off to work!  I am an excellent employee and I always get a lot of work done, and never slack off EVER.

After some hard labor, I enjoy lunch with a friend.

I usually only work until 3, after that I wander around HEB, Walgreens, or Target because I looooove to spend money I don’t have.

After I finish shopping, I pick up Truman and we go home and play in the backyard.

Then it is time for dinner.

After dinner, sometimes I will go out and have a drink or two with friends.

Then after a long day, I am ready to hit the sack and go to sleep.

It is exhausting being me sometimes.

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One thought on “Just a Perfect Day.

  1. HA!
    I LOVE LOVE this….. the pictures are fabulous and totally made this post girl!

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