Enough About You, What About ME?

My name is Letty.  If I were a man, I’d be a dandy.  I am not a man.  I have a hirsute husband, a blind dog, an adorable lil’ poodle named Frances, a cross eyed cat, and a baby.  The word boner always makes me laugh.

I live in Texas and I love David Bowie, William Zabka, and complaining.  My son Truman is one of the chillest babies in existence.  I tweet Barack Obama almost everyday, obsess over Degrassi at Thirtysometeen, and here, I write about whatever I want.  If you want me to write for you, let me know.  I can also draw really good pictures of cats.

Yes, this cat is texting.


8 thoughts on “Enough About You, What About ME?

  1. Dev says:

    Leap Year post is cool.

  2. Teigh says:

    Great blog title! Started following your blog by email (found thru MBC). Would appreciate a follow back!



  3. Great blog! I found you on Blogoola 😉

  4. kolleenbee says:

    I love that picture of you. Girl, you know it’s true… oooh oooh oooh, I LOVE you.

  5. SAHMmelier says:

    I just love that DeGrassi is in your “about.” Sold.

  6. Z.Waltz says:

    I found this page while trying to research the selling price of an old Tom Selleck velvet painting that came into my ownership recently through an unusual series of events. It doesn’t look like your blog has been updated recently, but I was very moved by your Las Vegas story. Please contact me if you are still interested in banishing the cloud hanging over your relationship that ‘only a velvet painting of Tom Selleck could dispel.’

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