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I’m Still Here Y’all!

I’ve just been suffering from HORRIFIC writer’s block. YES, HORRIFIC! Plus, I have been really busy watching television.   Here is something to keep you occupied while I gather my thoughts.


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Just a Perfect Day.

It’s day 15 of Blog Every Day in May.  We’re half way done!  I honestly can’t believe I’ve stuck it out this long, because I LOOOVE quitting.  Today’s prompt is “A Day in the Life”.  I read the news today oh, boy.  I think I lead a pretty normal life.  Let me give you a rundown of how my days go.

I usually wake up around 8:30, looking lovely and ready to start the day.

I make sure to brush my teeth very thoroughly, nobody likes a dirty mouth!

Then I carefully apply an appropriate amount of makeup and admire my handwork in the mirror.


After that, it’s time for a healthy breakfast!

Then it’s off to work!  I am an excellent employee and I always get a lot of work done, and never slack off EVER.

After some hard labor, I enjoy lunch with a friend.

I usually only work until 3, after that I wander around HEB, Walgreens, or Target because I looooove to spend money I don’t have.

After I finish shopping, I pick up Truman and we go home and play in the backyard.

Then it is time for dinner.

After dinner, sometimes I will go out and have a drink or two with friends.

Then after a long day, I am ready to hit the sack and go to sleep.

It is exhausting being me sometimes.

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My Babies

Periodically, I go through my wardrobe (pile of clothes) and think to myself, “Letty, perchance it’s time to grow up.  You are 30 now, practically a woman, maybe it’s about time you stop dressing like a 13 year old boy from 1982. ( Or like the kid who wants Blue Oyster Cult tickets in Fast Times at Ridgemont High)”  But then I look at all the magnificence lying before me.  I have THE BEST T-SHIRTS in the ENTIRE WORLD.  The collection of shirts that I have amassed bring a smile to my face, and make me feel like a real cool dude.  My t-shirts are so great they own their  own 1977 Pontiac Trans-Am. T-Top of course, you know because T-SHIRTS. Get it?  OH SHIT.

Here is a list of my t-shirts from memory (and I know I totally forgot some): I have 4 Foreigner shirts, 2 Bryan Adams, 2 Ted Nugent, 1 Rod Stewart, 2 Quiet Riot, 1 Ozzy Osbourne, 1 Jerry Reed/Smokey & The Bandit shirt, 2 ZZ Top, 1 Bob Seger,1 Curtis Knight Band, 1 Van Halen, 2 Billy Squier, 1 Rolling Stones, 1 David Bowie, 1 Led Zeppelin, and 1 Who, and these are all vintage concert tees.  My Bowie one is for his 1978 World Tour.  I only have two reproductions, my Iggy Pop & The Stooges, and my T. Rex.  In general,  I am a snobby bitch that turns her nose up at repros (see how terrible I am?), but I can make an exception for excellence. May I suggest that if you want to DIY your shirt and cut it up so you can show off your clavicle, buy a reproduction or I will find you and claw out your eyes for ruining the sanctity of a shirt that has lived longer than you. I am considering buying a Jarvis Cocker shirt on eBay though, just so I can have him close to my breasts.

Guys, I have so many great shirts and some of them are pretty valuable.  I could really go on about it for days and days. I mean, I didn’t even GO INTO my shirts that aren’t concert tees, but let’s be honest, this is a pretty dull topic. So, let’s get to the good stuff–pictures of me in a few of my sweetass shirts.Pump up the “Stranglehold” and let’s begin.

About to get eliminated in my ZZ Top Eliminator shirt

There is a better picture of me somewhere wearing this shirt in the Paris airport, but I can’t find it.

Harley Davidson, that turn you on? ::Kelly Leak voice::

I had enough Foreigner shirts (plus one Van Halen) to cloth my entire karaoke team for my powerhouse performance of “Jukebox Hero”

I thought this was the most appropriate shirt to wear to the gun range.

This is one of my favorites, my Boris Vallejo shirt. I wear it for good luck and for family gatherings.

Now, I have to give a shout out to a fallen soldier.  One of my greatest shirts, a Molly Hatchet shirt featuring  Frank Frazetta artwork, was stolen away from me and I still haven’t gotten over it.  I let a friend borrow it, which is rare because I am weirdly protective of my shirts, and some bitch stole it out of his bag when he was sleeping.  So sad.  My friend still feels very guilty about it, but I have since (almost) forgiven him <3.  The worst part of it all is I actually saw the evil thieving wench out at a bar WEARING MY SHIRT.  I just couldn’t find a way to prove it was mine (IT WAS DEFINITELY MINE) and get it back without ripping it off her body.  When I saw her wearing it I screeched like a banshee,  after explaining my scream, the door guy at the bar still calls me Molly Hatchet.  I tried guys, I really did.  I approached her, and asked where she got the shirt, and she just said, “Oh it’s a vintage shirt from the 80’s.”  LIKE I DIDN’T KNOW THAT.    There was just no way :(.  I just hope that dumb bitch loves that shirt even a tenth of the amount that I did and I also hope that she gets her nose broken by a goose while riding a roller coaster, just like fucking Fabio.  ~Le sigh~


Do you guys have any great shirt you want to talk about, or do you want to compliment me on my awesome shirts?  Did I leave any out? Leave me a comment!

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The Prettiest Star

It’s David Bowie’s birthday!  He turned 66 today, and he is still the most beautiful and talented man IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.  He is coming out with a new album, and released this new single today.  He’s so kind and generous, giving us such a gift on HIS birthday.

For your enjoyment, here are just a few of my favorite tracks/performances by Bowie, covering some of his different personas.  He got a lot of flack for being a musical chameleon, but shit, who cares?  He’s amazing.  His live performances are fucking unparalleled.  You have to give mad props to his band, especially Mick Ronson, for basically being perfect.

I could post a million more videos, as he is a gorgeous creature and I could watch him perform all day, but I GUESS I should do some work.  Happy Birthday David Bowie!  I love you.

P.S. I realize that this short post doesn’t give accolades to David Bowie’s OTHER achievements (acting, producing, snagging Iman) but I feel I lavished enough praise on him for one day.

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Happy Janksgiving!

Ah yes, it is Thanksgiving.  The time of year when the entire nation gathers with loved ones, fill their bellies and hearts with so much warmth and goodness, it feels as if they will burst, spilling frothy, steaming, love filled guts out onto the cold kitchen floor.  WARM FUZZIES!

Of course, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what you are thankful for.  If you must know, I am thankful that this is happening:


and I am thankful that David Bowie knew Iggy Pop and made music with both him and Brian Eno. Seriously, how great is this:

So good.  I am also thankful that I fit into a few of my prepregnancy jeans, and yeah, yeah, yeah I am thankful for my beautiful son and husband and stuff.

Thanksgiving has always been a super relaxed holiday for me.  I’ve never stressed out about it and I always have a good time, whether it’s a rag tag Thanksgiving with just friends, the whole family thing down in Corpus, or it’s just me and Chad.  Our first Thanksgiving as a couple was in LA, after we’d been married just a little over a month.  I decided to make Thanksgiving dinner for all of our friends.  It was fairly uneventful, we just had turkey, mashed potatoes, corn,  the traditional holiday pomelo, and crescent rolls.  Speaking of crescent rolls *TANGENT ALERT*, every year they show that irritating commercial with two dudes fighting over the last crescent roll.  “I’ll get my ruler”, “No, THIS is half.”

I never cared for this commercial, and I think it is stupid.  So I was surprised to see that this year, much to my chagrin, Pillsbury made a new commercial, with new actors, AND THE SAME DAMN PREMISE! BUT GOD, I LOVE CRESCENT ROLLS.

Anyways, my first grown up Thanksgiving was a success, thanks in part to some performance enhancing drugs.  The only mishap that happened was when I went to check the turkey, which was cooking in my friend Billy’s oven because mine was full,  Billy’s oven racks were put in backwards and when I went to baste the turkey, I pulled the rack completely out.  The turkey went sliding off the rack and I had to catch it in my arms before it hit the floor.  I may have scorched my skin a bit, but I saved Thanksgiving y’all.

So proud, so young, so skinny.

My second grown up Thanksgiving went just as smooth.  I decided to make a turkey log instead of an entire turkey because I hate deboning the turkey at the end of the night. (I’m more into BONING the turkey, if you know what I mean.)  Everyone enjoyed it except for Chad because he thought the concept of a turkey log was gross, which is a fair assessment if you think about it.

Some of my favorite grown up Thanksgivings were spent with my befri, Bridget.  She would make a delicious apple cider and we would get super shwasted  before the turkey was even done.

Totally sober.

One year while we were in our post gorge haze, we started riffing about Billy Joel delivering terrible medical diagnoses via song. “You’re gonna get a big shot…”, “Only the good (and you) die young!”, “I don’t care what they say anymore you have caaaancer.” Yes, we are terrible people.  That same year I made a really delicious apple caramel pie, so I am abolished of any sin.

Now, let me ask you this-have you ever heard of a Mock Apple Pie?  No?  Well let me expound on this abomination.  It is an apple pie, that eschews apples and instead has RITZ crackers as the filling.  Apparently they used to eat it during the Great Depression or something when they couldn’t afford apples. But they could afford Ritz.  I’m pretty sure Ritz cost more than apples, but who knows what things were like during that crazy time.  I made this pie.  It actually wasn’t terrible, but it was wrong in many, many ways.  Luckily since this was at a family Thanksgiving, there were other pies to be ravaged.  I just made it on a lark because I was curious cat.   If I was in charge of dessert and Mock Apple Pie was the sole pie I provided, I would surely be exiled from my family,and forced to find a new family in a completely different state.

AHHH, misty water colored memories.  Today, I am working in the evening at the UT football game with mah gurls, LD and Kayrun, so I am having a lovely little Thanksgiving lunch with Chad and Truman.  This is the first year that Truman gets to eat turkey and all the fixings and I’m excited for him to pass out in a tryptophan daze.  I enjoyed reminiscing, it made me feel grateful or whatever for all the good times I’ve had. I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving filled with apple cider, inappropriate jokes, and crescent rolls.

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Y’all, I Did Not Make Money Finally.

Does this look like a face of someone who just made a lot of money?

::le sigh::

Last night my shitty little blog was hacked.  My air tight security was breached by a corporation of nogoodniks!  CHICANERY, it’s downright CHICANERY!  I feel used and abused, like someone just fondled my sweaters.  I recently had my twitter hacked too. If I’ve learned anything from watching countless hours of Pretty Little Liars, it’s the importance of having beautiful hair, and a complicated password (thanks Caleb!) I suppose my ‘ole standby, password1234, just isn’t cutting it anymore.

I apologize for not really having a get rich quick scheme.  I mean uh, buy my 10 page booklet entitled, “Making Money the Letty Way-How to Make Judging your Peers A Fun and Profitable Business”- only $39.99- SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED.

In other news, yesterday was the 35 anniversary of David Bowie’s Heroes. It is the second album he did with Brian Eno, and it rules my world.  Here is the title track for your enjoyment.

I hope my privacy isn’t further compromised this week.  A girl can only handle so much before she downs an entire bottle of coconut rum.

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A Quick One

Even when I’m not on mushrooms, I like to imagine that my life is a movie.  We all do, right?  That isn’t out of the ordinary.  The most important part of my life movie, which I hope is entitled, “Yeah, Well.  The Life and Times of Letty’s Buttcrack”, is the soundtrack.  I’ve always wanted to enter a room and have the perfect song play.  It varies for different situations, of course.

This is the song that would play when I walked into a room and everyone would stare at me and cream their jeans:

I would want “Rebel, Rebel” to play in most situations:

and I would want this song to play when I walked into a super cool party:

All done!  I will think of more songs from my life soundtrack to share later. What are you choices?

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Procrastination Station

Procrastination–My best friend, my lover, my ENEMY. I am the most powerful procrastinator that has ever lived. I have truly truly mastered the art of procrastination.   If there ever was some sort of award handed out to the  The Grand Procrastinators of America, I would definitely be a recipient. Sadly, that award could never exist since no one would ever get around to actually making it and everyone would probably be late to the awards ceremony anyways.  Sigh, I am a trifling bitch.  Just now I got distracted for about two hours just trying to write this stupid post.  I fell into a Youtube hole and went on a Midnight Special/glam rock binge.  I started with this:

and ended with this:

To be fair, it was a worthy distraction.

But back to procrastinating. Months ago my friend Evin over at Food Good, Laundry Bad wrote this post about a robot her son made for a school project.  If you scroll down and look at the comments, I commented and said I was inspired to write a post about procrastination and my own adventures with school projects. This was over two months ago.  Now  ::pats self on back::  I have finally started on  it!

UGH, I pray that Truman doesn’t put me through the hell I put my parents through.  I would always ALWAYS put off school projects until the very last minute. Never in my life have I completed a project in a timely manner.  It started in the first grade and lasted until I got my associates degree from community college (I am a high achiever).  One of my worst school years was the 3rd grade (did anyone enjoy the third grade?) I feel like that entire miserable year was just project after project.  The only highlight of the 3rd grade was when this kid in my class accidentally wore his dad’s pants to school instead of his own.  He cried, I laughed (quietly, to myself).  That is, sadly, one of my favorite memories from elementary school, and I think that speaks volumes about me.

BUT AGAIN, I DIGRESS.  3rd grade was project after goddamned project.   For our unit on Texas Indians, we each had to pick a tribe, write a report, and build a habitat that showed their dwellings, farming system, and native dress.  I picked the Karankawa, and I am afraid that I did them a great disservice with the shitty, thrown together habitat I made them.  It featured globs of sand from my backyard glued on a piece of cardboard, and hastily drawn pictures of Indians fishing.  Cabeza de Vaca did them more justice than I did.  Some projects, I didn’t even do.  My sister’s good natured, manchild boyfriend did them for me.  His work for me included a diorama of Kareem Abdul Jabbar shooting a basket, and a rather impressive marionette of an otter.

Perhaps my greatest school project failure came in the 7th grade.  This project was doomed from the start.  We were studying Texas culture, and had to do a project on our ancestors, their immigration to Texas, and the impact our culture had on Texas.  Being that I am clearly of Mexican descent, it would have made perfect sense to do my project on Mexican-Texan culture. But because I had a huge crush on a boy named Carlo, I decided to do my project on Italian-Texans so I could be in his work group.  The project culminated in a big Texas Cultures Fair that was for all the 7th grade parents to attend and was held in the evening. You were supposed to dress in traditional cultural garb, have a huge display, and a dish to share with the parents.  I, of course waited until the night before, and my cobbled together display consisted of a three-fold board with the Italian and  Texas flags on it. I think I also taped a rosary on there.  As for my traditional costume and dish, I threw a scarf on my head and opened up a can of black olives.  Needless to say, Carlo was not impressed.

I have countless other stories I could share, but I will spare you.  Truman will not be so lucky.  I will harangue him with  tales of my procrastination and failures so he doesn’t make the same mistakes I did.   We are going to be SO on top of things. Luckily, he already has a pretty good track record as he arrived in this world two weeks early.  That’s my boy, I guess.

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David Bowietry in motion

Today March 7 ,1975, David Bowie released Young Americans. It is an excellent album filled with what Bowie dubbed, “plastic soul.”  This album ushered in Bowie’s cocaine fueled Thin White Duke persona.  I’m not sure what the correlation between doing tons of cocaine and liking the saxophone is, but this is Bowie’s most saxophoney period ever.  To celebrate this musical chameleon, let’s watch a video of him performing (lip syncing) “Fame”, a song that featured John Lennon on background vocals, on Soul Train.

I love him.  For fun, let’s also watch this super epic medley he did with Cher on her TV show.


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