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I May Be Dumb, But I Have Excellent Taste in Music

All right suckers, three more posts!  Tomorrow is the very last one, so I will let it stand alone.  It is much more dramatic that way.

Day 28, Tuesday: Only pictures

I can’t follow instructions, so here are some photos of me being dumb!

This was taken in July.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Slut Dress


Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post

I do this all the time anyway in lieu of writing an actual post.  Man, I looked at some of the other posts for this challenge, and some people have horrific taste in music.  I know it is all subjective, but I am right, and you are wrong.  I am just going to post some songs I’ve been digging lately.  THEY ~SPEAK~ TO ME.

Age of Consent-New Order.  Man, this song seems like it was created just for MLC to cover it.  It is so fucking good.  Damn.

Give Me Some Kind of Sign- Brenton Wood.  Everything about this so is great.  The lead vocals, the harmony, the organ solo.  All music should be this smooth.

Fist City- Loretta Lynn.  You better move your feet if you don’t want to eat a meal that’s called Fist City. I love her.

Tusk-Fleetwood Mac.  I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for the past few weeks now.  It is amazing and unique.  I am desperately in love with Lindsey Buckingham, so much so that Stevie will never be higher than my fourth favorite member of Fleetwood Mac because I am so jealous of her.  Never mind that he was a total dick, cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke featuring T.I., Pharrell.  I included this just to prove that I actually listen to songs from this decade.  This song is hot shit.  It replaced “Get Lucky” as my new summer jam.  I don’t even care if it is incredibly sexist.  It is fun as hell. If you like boobies, I highly recommend you check out the unrated version of the video.

It is pretty impressive that I managed to post 5 songs without even one David Bowie video.  See, I am growing as a person.

BONUS:  This is my favorite song to clean the house to.  I guess don’t listen to it at work or in front of people who don’t like the word fuck. ASAP Rocky is so dapper!

Day 30, Thursday: React to this term: Letting Go

I guess this prompt is supposed to serve as therapy or something.  I will resist the urge to make this about bowel movements and try to BE LEGIT.  Looking at all of those pictures I just posted makes me realize that I need to “let go” of my former life.  I am a mother now, and I guess it’s time to grow up.  I can’t go to ALL of the parties my friends have, I can’t have improptu dance parties after the bars close, and I can’t get AS drunk in the middle of the day as I used to.  It’s hard, because it seems like a lot of  my friends are stuck in this state of permanent adolescence, and I want to go to Never Never Land with them. BUT NOOOOOO,  I HAVE OBLIGATIONS NOW.  C’est La Vie!  Growing up isn’t so bad, I will just take it little by little. I’m still going to have fun, and now a whole different kind of fun with my son.  But I’m telling you now, if I ever get to urge to do whippits and listen to Steely Dan, goddamit  I’m going to do it, and no one can stop me.

P.S. Y’all don’t know how difficult it was to talk about growing up while wearing a little boy’s shirt that I purchased at the Dollar General.

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Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

It is Friday, and I am feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good.  After weeks of looking like a Mexican Andy Rooney, I am getting my eyebrows waxed by a ~~eyebrow specialist~~, so I am feeling sassy AND saucy ::shoulder shimmy::.  I will expound on that in another post with BEFORE AND AFTER pictures, HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS.  After my fancy face waxing, I will so unbearably beautiful that you won’t be able to resist me.  I will be batting away suitors like horny flies.  As I am attached, you will have to work extra hard to make me succumb to your charms.  Here are a few songs that are guaranteed Letty pantymelters.

Teenage Lust- The Jesus and Mary Chain

Beetlebum- Blur

You Showed Me- The Turtles

BTW, this video is amazing.  Kudos to Mark Volman for being awesome.

Time of the Season- The Zombies

Little Dreamer- Van Halen

This is the song I would strip to if I were a stripper.  My stripper name is Tawny Backside.

BONUS SONG:  I used to have a massive crush on this DJ (what a terribly hipster thing to admit) and I would ask him to play me special songs.  One night he played me You Make Loving Fun and I thought I was going to die of happiness.

So, if you want to woo me, just play any of the above songs.  I am easily swayed by song.


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My Son is a Deadhead.

In an ongoing effort to keep T from having terrible taste in music, his father and I play him records from our vinyl collection.  At six months old, he already has very discerning taste. For example, he doesn’t care for Ted Nugent, but he likes the Amboy Dukes (Nugent’s first band).  He loves Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, but he doesn’t like Never Say Die!, the last album featuring Ozzy as lead singer.  We’ve been through several Bowie albums and thoroughly enjoyed lazing on a Sunday afternoon with the Kink Kronikles.  But there are three albums that T particularly enjoys.

Rumors by Fleetwood Mac

Yeah, this is pretty much the best.

This is the Fleetwood Mac album that everyone owns.  This is the Fleetwood Mac album that everyone SHOULD own. There is not a bad song on this album, even “Oh Daddy” has grown on me.  I can get Truman to sleep by the middle of Side A, then I flip it over and listen to the other side just for my own personal enjoyment. If he manages to stay awake for Side B, he really loves it when we listen to “The Chain” and twirl around with a tambourine a la Stevie Nicks . Rumors is as if someone took a rainbow and pressed it to vinyl.  Thunder only happens when it rains indeed.

The Red Headed Stranger- Willie Nelson

We love you Willie!

Truman has listened to this album from the day he was born.  This is Dad Chad’s secret weapon in putting Baby T in a chillaxed mood.  At this point Truman has an almost Pavlovian response to this album.  From the opening guitar strains, his eyes slowly start closing and he is on the fast track to sleepytime village.  It would be downright criminal if Truman grew up not being a Willie Nelson fan.  This is not an exaggeration, it is Texas state law –THOU MUST LOVE WILLIE.

  •                                    American Beauty- Grateful Dead

Hands down this is Truman’s favorite album right now. It is probably Grateful Dead’s most popular and well known album.  That’s because it is overflowing with WIN, and just like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors, there is not a bad song on the album.   I play it for him and he rolls around the carpet and grins. We listen to it almost every day.  I’m raising a little Deadhead! I am going to buy him some tie-dyed onesies and a baby hacky sack. We will drive around the country selling beaded necklaces out a van painted with dancing bears!  It is a fool proof plan! What can I say?  He has good taste in music.

Music education! YES!  I don’t have many obscure albums, magical bootlegs, or ~~deep cuts~~, just damn good music. I have to combat the fact that the number one hit when T was born was “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO.  o__o  So, what will we listen to next?  I finally picked up Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk and David Bowie’s Young Americans last weekend.  Tusk is a double album, we’ve got some listening to do.


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