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Happy Valentine’s Day Dummies!

I am a huge dorko, so I made these Willow themed Valentine’s for you all!  I love Willow.  I will forever have a huge gigantic crush on Madmartigan, and have vowed to name my next pet after him.  Enjoy nerds!

willow, valentine, warwick davis


brownies, willow, valentines


sorsha valentine


willow, valentines, madmartigan, val kilmer


I love Willow, and I love you!

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One Year I Made Valentines

and they were AWESOME.











and my personal favorite:



Yeah, I made these like two years ago or something and have been posting them every year since instead of making new ones.  Why make new ones when these already incorporate all of my favorite things: Blood Sport, Rocky IV, Muggsey Bogues, Christian Slater, Tom Selleck, FDR, and of course, Manute Bole.

Happy Valentine’s Day buttheads. 🙂

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