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Day 2: Define Yourself In an Uncommon Way

Fine, so it is day 2 of Come Play in May and today’s prompt is Define Yourself In an Uncommon Way.  I’m not even sure what that shit means exactly and I am all jazzed up on sugar, diet pills, and a 100 song playlist I made entitled, Songs That Taste Like Cocaine, so I am just going to post the results to some of those Buzzfeed quizzes everyone is all gaga for. Of course I take those dumb quizzes! Come on, I like wasting time just as much as the next person, but I don’t usually share my results because it is not 2004 and I am not on MySpace.

Let’s see, this one is Which Hogwart’s Professor Are You?  Frankly, I didn’t even care to know the answer to this, so I don’t know why I took this quiz.  Oh wait. I know why, because I’m dumb.


I do love myself! Oh Buzzfeed, you know me better than I know myself. This next quiz is Which New Wave Band Are You? Well shit, last time I took this quiz I got Devo, which was exciting for several different reasons.  This go ’round:


This result is fine and all, but I would still rather be Devo.  Letty, I know this world is killing you.  Let’s try my hand at Which Britpop Band Are You?  If I’m not Pulp I will jump off a bridge.  Everyone knows how I feel about Jarvis.  He is second only to Lindsey Buckingham in men I adore.



Well, SEE  Y’ALL IN HELL.  ::Sits down in front of oncoming car::  Just kidding, this is a completely acceptable result.  I love The Stone Roses.  Ian Brown ‘fo life, son.  All right, I am going to take two more quizzes, then I have to do some actual work.  Which quizzes should I choose?  WHICH WILL SHOW MY TRUE INNER BEING?  Let’s go with What Font Are You? WING DINGS OR GTFO.



WELL HELL.  Let’s do one more, Which 90’s Cartoon Series Are You? This should be good.


Shit sandwiches!  I didn’t even watch that show.  This turned out to be a disappointing affair.  I don’t feel well defined at all.  Well, my cheekbones are well defined, that is something.  I do have some good news, last night I learned how to isolate my butt muscles so I can move one cheek at a time. If that isn’t something to celebrate I don’t know what is.

It’s the weekend, enjoy my cocaine playlist!


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