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It is fucking February already, one month of 2013 has already come and gone.  January was an uneventful month, really.  I tried to be proactive as it is a new year, and you’re supposed to set goals, and blah de blah de blah, and pttttttth, etc, but I didn’t TRY try.  I can’t even commit to growing my hair out, what makes you think I can commit to anything productive and useful?

I did make a little bit of headway on Thirtysometeen. I bought the domain y’all! Plus I set up a facebook page, which you can go like here, if you are so inclined.  Now all I have to do is write!  That’s easy, right?  RIGHT, WRITE, RIGHT?!?!  RIIIIIIGHT. ::eyes roll into back of head::

I guess I have set some very loose goals.  One of them was to finally get my fuckfest of a closet together.  If you are not familiar with the horror that is my closet, allow me to remind you and have you dip a  toe into my self made hell.  I am going for it! I am cleaning out my closet, getting rid of anything I haven’t worn in the past two years, vintage or not, and hosting a clothing swap with some of  my ~lady friends~.  Get rid of clothes, get drunk, gain your friend’s castoffs, it’s a solid plan.  We’re donating all leftover clothing to SafePlace, YEAH!

January wasn’t a complete bust though.  Music Learning Club started up again, and we have been playing the smoothest of smooth rock.  We’ve combed through the Dad Rock catalog and we are mastering all of the hits.  Last night alone we played some Badfinger, “Eye in the Sky” by The Alan Parsons Project, “You Got Lucky” by Tom Petty, and we even popped our Three Dog Night cherry.  Speaking of Three Dog Night, did you know that lead singer Chuck  Negron had so much sex that his penis exploded?  This is not one of my many lies, it’s a true story.  Tell your friends.

Last weekend was the annual Beard Prom for Austin Facial Hair Club.  MLC played it last year and it was a goddamned blast and a half.  This year it was metal themed, which gave me an excuse to buy metal studded pleather shorts (photo proof below).  We were asked to play the prom and I really wished that MLC could have played, but metal is a little bit out of our wheelhouse, and we didn’t have enough time to prepare.  I made an EXCELLENT potential set list that included everything from Rainbow to Lita Ford and I issued a Music Learning Challenge to my band to learn at least two songs from the list I made this year.  It’s important to venture out your comfort zone, especially when your comfort zone is so damn smooth. The bands that did play the prom, StABBA and  Motörböat were great though.  You can’t beat an metal ABBA or Motörhead coverband, shit’s just too awesome.

It took Bridget, Margaret, and I about two hours to get ready, but it was worth it, because we looked like bad ass bitches.  It’s always good to have an Ozzy Osbourne shirt with the sleeves ripped off for special occasions.

Prom, bitches.

I said once and I’ll say it again, metal is hilarious

Good times.  Last month Truman also learned how to dip a chip, use his fork properly, and make fart sounds on command.  Also, we’ve been taking walks around the neighborhood because I am tired of my legs looking like glazed hams.  GOALS!  Man, I am excited for what the rest of 2013 will bring; hopefully more impromptu hot dog parties and maybe Truman will finally master riding a skateboard.  Smell y’all later. Listen to this Supremes cover of a Beatles song, it’s the tits.

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