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I did it!  I made it through The Blog Every Day in May challenge.  This month just FLEW by.  I would like to thank Jenni for encouraging me to write, and everyone who read my amazing BUT shitty writing.  You are the best!  Well, I am the best, but you are a close second.  I am patting myself on the back so hard I might as well be in Opus Dei.  Today’s prompt is “A Vivid Memory”. I have many vivid memories, Jenna Jameson, before she looked like Skeletor, did a lot of her best work for Vivid.  YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?  Since it is the very last day of the challenge, I feel like celebrating. So, I will regale you of the tale of how Chad and I met.

I met Chad when I was 18 years old.  I was young, skinny, and pretty smashable. I was attending the local community college and really coming into my own, both personality and fashion wise.  That is if wearing an Iggy Pop shirt, plaid blazer, and red cowboy boots all the time counts as fashionable.  (It does.)  I was taking a Television Production class and I really liked it!  Specifically because I had a huge crush on my TA, Jeremy.  He was nice and funny, and had multiple piercings in his ears. I had just gotten out of a relationship ( if you could call it that) with a guy who literally moved away without telling me.  So Jeremy was a breath of fresh air, except he had a girlfriend.  That didn’t keep me from still crushing on him of course, and despite my unrequited affections, we became friends.


Two friends, just palling around in a tree, like normal people do.

Jeremy was always telling me that I needed to meet his best friend Chad, who lived in California, and I was always like “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh hey, are you still with you girlfriend?”.  The answer was always yes, and for the brief period it wasn’t yes, he still wasn’t interested.  Soon enough, Spring Break rolled around, which I looked at as an opportunity to spend more time with Jeremy.  I was thrilled when he asked for my number and asked  if I wanted to hang out that evening.

I sat at home waiting by phone expectantly, like I was fucking Vikki Carr or some shit, and when the phone finally rang and his name was on the caller ID, I thought I was JUST GOING TO DIE.   I answered the phone in the way that only an infatuated teen girl could do, with a breathless, yet practiced, but restrained, “~Hello~.”  Despite what the caller ID said, Jeremy was not on the other end.  The person on the other end had a stutter, and managed after some time, to spit out, “D-d-d-ddo you want-t-t to h-h-hang out wit-t-t-h us t-t-tttonight?”  I said yes straight away because I was eager to hang out with my crush.  It would take more than a stutterer to keep me away from my beloved. No offense to stutterers of course.

I was ecstatic, eeeeeeeee hangouts!  I ran around my parent’s house like a chicken with its head cut off.  What should I wear? What did I wear?  That I don’t remember, but I remember being so excited that I thought my heart was going to pump right out of my fucking chest.  Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, the doorbell rang.  I swung open the door expecting to see Jeremy, and he wasn’t there.  It was someone else.  He was tall, had blond hair, was wearing a fake sheepskin jacket even though it wasn’t very cold, and was holding a raspberry Tootsie Roll Pop.  He handed me the Tootsie Roll Pop, and read me this poem:


It was Chad, visiting from LA, and it was love at first sight.  It turns out that on the way to my house, Jeremy and Chad had decided that Chad and I were going on a blind date, without telling me.  Before Chad even met me, he wrote me a poem. He rhymed my name with jetty, and I loved it. I was immediately charmed.  It was like,  “Jeremy, who?”  I don’t remember where we went that evening, on our first “date”, other than we went to the two-story Whataburger in downtown Corpus.  He made a big show of  buying me white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie and purposely said cheesy lines like, “No cookie could ever be as sweet as you.”  When the evening ended, I wanted Chad to kiss me, but he didn’t.

The next evening he pulled up to my house on his dad’s motorcycle wanting to take me on a ride. My grandma wouldn’t let me go! (What!?!) So we just sat in my parents’ living room and listened to records.  Our first dance ever was to Roy Orbison’s version of “Blue Bayou”.  I remember he was wearing a purple button up shirt that was a little too big for him and I didn’t like it.  I asked  why he didn’t kiss me the first date, and he said that he wanted to be cool and just walk away like Maverick in Top Gun.  Later that evening, I got my kiss.  But only one, he had to be cool.

handsome chad

We went out the next night.  We saw the Toadies play, then we made out in his old VW Bug that used to be pink but  he had spray painted orange.  I showed him my boobs, and then we were boyfriend and girlfriend.  We were inseparable  for the duration of his trip.  I met his parents and he met mine. When he flew back to California, it was one of the saddest days of my life.  We talked on the phone every day. He wrote me fanciful letters, filled with poems and drawings.  I still have them all.  The distance was quite hard.  Blessedly, my parents could tell I had it BAD, and they actually let me fly out to California to visit him a couple times, and he made frequent trips to Texas that started lasting longer and longer in their duration.


I used to wear blazers a lot.

One day he asked me to marry him, and I did.  This October it will be ten years.  He may not look like a 70’s rock star anymore, but he is still very handsome, and I love him.  He is an excellent father, and can grow a magnificent beard.  We are still friends with Jeremy, and he ended up marrying the lovely Raquel, the girlfriend I always pestered him about. They are happy and have three lovely kids.  He played a medley of “Wild Thing” and “Crazy Train” at our wedding. I do not have a crush on him anymore.

jeremy chad

Jeremy and Chad by the bathroom George Michael got caught in. (JK)

I might be a bit biased, but I think that Chad and I have one of the best “how we met” stories ever, and it makes me happy to reminisce.  Legitimate love at first sight, HELLO!  I hope everyone appreciated this rare display of emotion/affection from me.  Lick it up, because it doesn’t happen often.  I thank you for sticking with me throughout this challenge.  I am pretty proud that I finished, and finished strong, LIKE A BOSS. Like a fucking boss.


A current picture. ❤

P.S. OH SNIP SNAP! This is my 100th post!  I deserve a slice of pizza.

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